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Dynamic + Mythical = Winged Bomb

Dynamic + Mythical = Winged Bomb

William Vega is a graphic designer and illustrator who likes to integrate the artistic techniques of comics, film, collectibles and pop culture into his work. His work is heavily-influenced by these and many other resources. This guy's journey began in childhood during the 80's and through high school in the late 90's. He began drawing and photocopying his own comics back then. Along the way, he has obtained various degrees in graphic design obtaining various skills and knowledge. William's ripped and toned body of work ranges from working at a interior design/architecture magazine to making storyboards and concept art for a string of successful music videos. His most recent work experience involved social media and marketing for an SEO marketing company. He has experience working in South Florida as well as Latin America. Currently he has found new inspiration in t-shirt design. In short, he fell into graphic design because it touches every art form in one form or another.